Our 50th Post: Three Reasons to Love Guatemala

With our 50th post, we’re sharing three of our favorite things about Guatemala.

  1. The natural beauty. Even though the country is only about the size of the state of Tennessee, its terrain is varied and breathtaking. Mountains, waterfalls, beaches,Guatemala Lake Atitlan pic volcanoes, rain forests, desert-like plains – Guatemala claims them all. Known as the “Land of the Eternal Spring”, you can imagine the rainbow of flowers that grow here. Budding bougainvillea vines and lush hibiscus blooms are only the beginning. If you ever have a chance to visit, make sure to stay by the volcano-bordered Lake Atitlán, a place considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world.Guatemalan textiles pic
  2. The colorful culture. One can hardly help smiling when greeted by the bright colors that are a hallmark of Guatemalan artistry. Intricately woven textiles still fill many shop stalls and bring cheer to many homes. If you’re at all familiar with the patterns, you can usually tell when someone else has done some Guatemalan shopping. Those who love Guatemala enjoy being able to spot each other this way!
  3. The people. Yes, Guatemala has gorgeous scenery and colorful craftsmanship, but her greatest treasure is her peoGuatemala people picple. With their warm smiles, gracious ways, resourcefulness and general willingness to work hard, they can win visitors’ hearts easily and can leave a lasting impact on visitors’ lives. These are the people whom the team behind Understanding the Guatemalan Patient hopes to serve and bless whether they are living in their vibrant homeland or making a home in a new land.

What about you? Have you been to Guatemala? If so, what did you love? If not, would you like to go and what would you most like to do? We’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Our 50th Post: Three Reasons to Love Guatemala

  1. lovetotrav

    I have been twice and would wholeheartedly agree with your top 3 reasons. Mine as well. A very special place indeed that speaks to me completely. Cheryl

    1. stevenhammermd Post author

      We’re glad you share both our Guatemala experiences and enjoyment of this special nation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, too, Cheryl!

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