Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Are the words in this glossary used in other Central American countries, such as Mexico?

A: It is likely that some of these words are used in, for example, southern Mexico or western Belize due to their proximity to Guatemala and the migration of people between countries. However, we currently only have experience with these words being used in Guatemala and want to advertise only what we can deliver. That being said, if you know of these words being used in other Latin American nations, please send a note our way! We would love to hear about your findings of similarities or differences.


Q: I am going to Guatemala on a short-term team and don’t have time to learn all these words. Which are most useful?

A: The underlined words are most commonly used and so are recommended for short-term teams.


Q: Are bulk rates given for purchases?

A: Yes. Via Amazon, you may now purchase sets of 8 copies of Understanding the Guatemalan Patient for the bulk rate of $48 (plus shipping and handling). That’s only $6 per book, making this a great option for mission teams or organizations. If you would like to purchase 25+ copies or to check on our non-profit rate, please contact us.


Q: Is Understanding the Guatemalan Patient: A Glossary of Spanish Medical Terms and Folk Medicine only available on Amazon? I would like to by it from somewhere else.

A: Currently, Understanding the Guatemalan Patient is available online only through Amazon, but if you would like to purchase directly from Vital Words Communications, please contact us.


Q: I would prefer to pay with a check. Can you accommodate this?

A: Yes. If you would like to pay via check or some means other than those permitted through Amazon, please contact us.