Good healthcare providers know how vital clear communication with patients is, and patients long to be truly understood by their healthcare providers. Understanding the Guatemalan Patient has been created as a handy tool to make communicating with Guatemalan patients (whether in Latin America or in the US) much easier. Although it is not a comprehensive guide, the 650+ definitions of unique and slang terms found in the Spanish-English section, together with terms in the English-Spanish section and notes about various folk illnesses and treatments, will surely help non-native speakers to better interpret not only the language but also the culture of each patient. Additionally, since many of the words listed are slang expressions that cannot be found in a regular Spanish-English dictionary, even people outside of the medical world will find Understanding the Guatemalan Patient useful in deepening their understanding of Spanish. A coil binding and pocket size make this book easy to pack, carry and use.

Created after years of working in Guatemala, designed with the clinic room in mind and reviewed by medical professionals, Understanding the Guatemalan Patient is an easily-accessible reference for physicians, medical translators, nurses, social workers, missionaries and all those who want to truly understand the Guatemalans they serve.

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  1. Gayle Turner

    Thank you for your support! I work on 2 medical teams every year with Faith In Practice–it is an incredible experience. I am about to leave town but I will put a message on Amazon when I return. Gayle

    1. stevenhammermd Post author

      Thank you for your note, Gayle! It would be great if you could post a message on Amazon when you return. Thanks in advance and blessings on your travels!
      The Vital Words Communications Team


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